La Mielle



La Mielle

La Mielle is an energetic Noise Rock duo with a weird punk- blues attitude.

Its musical variety spreads from metal riffs to improvised "jazzy" moments, noise, chaos  and pop-related phrases.

The results are surprisingly convincing ambivalences, disturbing breaks,

pure eclecticism, or smooth transitions.

Playing as a Duo allows dynamic performance, odd song structures and a lot of direct stage energy.


The Debut album is currently in production, stay tuned for release!

If you would like to book us, feel free to have a look at the Stage Rider and get in touch!


The 2 Debut albums are in recording and will come out very soooon, of course - so they can make there way into the lovely shop!


Johannes Schwickert: Guitar, vocals

Valle D├Âring: Drums, backing vocals

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