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Valle Döring studied Media Arts at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe with his focus on film and music.

As exchange student he was studying for one year at the music academy (LHI) of Iceland.


He lives and works in Leipzig, is part of several music ensembles, is active as visual artist and musical composer.

His debut film „Limb" was awarded twice as best stereoscopic short movie in Belgium and South Korea.


In music he combines different aesthetics to vivid hybrids.

If it is acoustic instruments enhanced with hardware based live electronics, or eclectic blends of Noise Rock and free improvisation. Besides that he also composed a few pieces for chamber ensemble.


His film work treats human habits of culture and social relations in surreal and absurd, sometimes abstract manners.


2017 Giardini / Giardini / CD / self release / Drums

2014 Neue Orgelphantasien / CD / Brokat / Harmonium

2010 Kaufaust - Worph drei / LP / Krachau / Drums, Vocals, Keys

Upcoming: And other strange songs from the remote planets / Harmonium / in post production

Upcoming: La Mielle / Boredom und Gomorrah / Drums / in recording



2020 A la Carte / Short / written, directed, edited (in post production)

2016 Limb / 3D Short / Written, directed and edited (2 international awards)

2013 HfG 24 / 3D Teleshopping / Co - directed and edited



2020 Sterntagebücher (Video) by Raphaela Möst

2019 Das alte Herz (Lighting) by Saskia Kaufmann


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