La Mielle



We are a Noise Rock duo with sort of a weird blues punk attitude. Musically its influenced by Mathrock, Punk, Blues, Noise, Trash... Playing as a duo allows dynamic performance and odd songstructures.


The setup is simple, depending on the venue drumset micing might not be necessary, but in general its good to mic the set, its pretty dynamic and there is some small percussion that might benefit from an overhead mic. All depending on room and acoustics.


We bring:

Cymbals, snare drum, bass drum pedal

Guitar Amp

We need:

Basic drum kit with 2 toms and 4 cymbal stands.

Bass Amplifier




If you think that's interesting stuff and it fits to your events, we would be glad to play a concert at your venue.

Besides technical support we need to cover travel costs and ask for a modest salary to cover continues expenses, vegetarian food and drinks.

For further details and/or questions please mail or call:



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