And other strange songs from the remote planets



And other strange songs from the remote planets

And other strange songs from the remote planets is the second album with the unique Lasermonium. Overall the music has a highly atmospheric and quite sinister character.

The album opens with a deep drone created by the organs air pump.


This album is currently looking for a label to get released. If you are interested in doing so, please get in touch!


Throughout the six pieces one follows a journey through soft

harmonium sounds and surreal space organ drones; piling up into apocalyptic whirls of disturbance, breaking down into harsh fields of noise or forming fragile sounds scapes.

It all concludes in a somewhat heavenly epilogue of sacral colours evoked by exaggerated church organ tunes – just to be left with the lonesome breathing of the instruments air pump it all began with.

All songs, strange and abstract sounds come from the very same harmonium and its pedals – there is no computer, no overdubbing and no looping in this music

The song titles are more and less banal claims for equality and mutuality – such as Equal Wages, Balanced Prejudice or Breathing the same Air. They point towards certain far away utopies which are perhaps easily agreeable yet sadly not reality.

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